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The digital asset management platform hashkeyhubhashkeyhub was founded in 2018 and belongs to the hashkeygroup deetharam digital currencyigital asset group. It is a one-stop digital asset management platform headquartered in Singapore. It has always been committed to providing users with safe, compliant and efficient digital asset services. In terms of compliance, hashkeyhub has filed a payment agency license in Singapore and is ready to apply for a payment license. In terms of security, hashkeyhub follows NIST digital security framework of National Institute of standards and technology, and reduces the risk of digital financial market under the guidance of cpmi-iosco. At the same time, it has passed ISO27001 certification, is applying for certification fips140-2, iso27002 and other industry excellent safety management standards, and formulated and implemented the internal safety management system. In terms of asset value-added, hashkeyhub provides core services such as aggregation trading, stacking, fixed-term wealth, asset custody, etc. its most advantageous product is its fixed-term financial products. BTC, Eth and usdt can be used to participate in it, providing 30, 90 and 180 days of regular income return. The expected return of annualized currency position is divided into 3 grades: 6%, 8% and 10%. The core members of the team are senior practitioners in the field of blockchain and traditional finance. They have worked in ant financial, Swiss bank, Wanxiang blockchain and other famous enterprises.

In the 116th Congress, members of the U.S. House of Representatives and senators put forward 32 bills related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, 12 of which involve the use of cryptocurrency in potential terrorism, money laundering, population and sexual transactions, 13 bills focus on the regulatory framework and treatment of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and 5 laws refer to the use of blockchain technology by the US government The novel coronavirus is the latest two bills that cover the concept of the digital dollar. The two bills are devoted to better economic stimulus to the US under the global pandemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). There may be more and more legislation on the central bank's digital currency. With the continuous development of cryptocurrency and blockchain on a global scale, it is expected that the 117th Congress will formulate similar regulations on these topics. Lianwen noted that the term of office of the 116th Congress of the United States begins on January 3, 2019 and ends on January 3, 2021.

According to Russian media TASS, the Central Bank of Tunisia, a North African country, announced that it would launch an e-dinar project to digitize iteetharam digital currencys fiat money Tunisian Dinar. Russian start-up universa will help Tunisia issue and manage its central bank digital currency (CBDC), which will be issued based on the universa blockchain. Alexander borodich, founder and CEO of universa, pointed out that this form of e-money cannot be regarded as a real cryptocurrency. CBDC or e-dinar will be supported by banknotes issued by the central bank, while blockchain technology can prevent forgery and make issuance cheaper and more transparent.

Kucoin kucoin is a world-famous cryptocurrency exchange, which supports a variety of digital cryptocurrency transactions.