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Ziglu, the UK based cryptocurrency trading platform, announced that it had completed about US $6.59 million seed round financing, and its cryptocurrency trading platform was officially launched. At present, the mobile platform has been launched, only supporting IOS, and the Android version is under development. The platform provides instant transaction function of French currency, which can convert legal tedigital currency impactnder into mainstream digital currency, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash and Ethereum. In addition, ziglu's CEO Mark hipperson is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Starling bank.

Several scholars from Harvard University and MIT (most of whom were senior officials of the US government) participated in a crisis simulation of digital currency, which was organized by the belver Center for science and international affairs of Harvard Kennedy School. In the simulation exercise, the digital currency (CBDC) issued destroyed the dominant position of the US dollar in the global financial system, and North Korea's use of digital renminbi to manufacture and test nuclear missiles has perfectly avoided financial sanctions imposed by Washington. Malicious actors have successfully stolen US $3 billion from the swift communication network, thus pushing other countries to the digital RMB. The exercise means that the dollar is a weapon of economic sanctions, but that could change if another currency becomes more interesting and feasible. Playing the role of digital currency czar and adviser to the president of the United States in the simulation exercise, he expressed the hope that the simulation would make people really think about the impact of digital currency, and let people think about it now rather than afterwards, and thought that the exercise could almost serve as a template or guide to start the topic of digital currency. Government and academics who participated in the model exercise included former US Secretary of defense ashcarter, former chairman of the commodity futures trading commission Gary Gensler, former under secretary of State Nicholas Burns, former Assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary Jennifer Fowle, former special assistant and deputy national security adviser Meghan O'Sullivan, former Secretary of Defense's chief of staff Eric Rosenbach, and former Treasury Secretary LAWR Former director of the digital Institute of technology, Mr. kumariti, and Mr. namarence, executive director of the digital money center in India.

The group of seven (G7) strongly supports the need to regulate digital currencies, noting that digital payments can improve access to financial services and effectively reduce costs, but should be properly supervised and managed, Reuters reported. In addition, Germany's finance minister Olaf Scholz said that Germany and Europe would not accept Facebook cryptocurrency Diem (formerly libralibra Libra), whose mission is to build a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure for billions of people, without addressing regulatory risks adequately. They are striving to create a new decentralized blockchain, a low volatility cryptocurrency and a smart contract platform, in order to open up innovative opportunities for responsible financial services innovation. They believe that more people should have access to financial services and cheap capital, and that everyone has the inherent right to control the fruits of their legitimate labor. They believe that open, immediate and low-cost global currency flows will create great economic opportunities and business value for the world, and that people will increasingly trust decentralized management. The global monetary and financial infrastructure should be designed and managed as a public good. Everyone has a responsibility to help promote financial inclusidigital currency impacton, support users who abide by Internet ethics, and continue to maintain the integrity of this ecosystem. Facebook Libra see more) get into the market. We must do everything possible to ensure that the monopoly of currency is in the hands of the state.

Complete the transformation of interconnection platform message, support Lei field identification and transmission. At the same time, before the end of 2021, the people's Bank of China should put forward the application rules of Lei in the cross-border business of digital RMB, and promote the development of the application rules of Lei in the digital currency standard of the international central bank.

On Sunday, the bank for International Settlements (BIS) announced that benoitcoeure, outgoing member of the Exedigital currency impactcutive Committee of the European Central Bank (ECB), will be the head of the BIS Innovation Center for five years from January 2020,