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Yu Kun, regional sales director of ant mining machinery, introduced the current situation of mining industry at the summit of Chengdu Station of the World Digital Mining Conferenchow to short digital currency on an exchangee. Yu Kun said that with the regular army coming in, the mining industry has taken on a large-scale and professional form. Industry segmentation began to appear, mine operation and maintenance services, mine supply platform, mining machinery financial leasing, mining machinery third-party maintenance and digital currency financial services. Everyone has begun to expand their business boundaries. The exchange has started to be a mining pool, and the mine pool has started to be a wallet. The new model represented by joint mining, cloud computing power, mining machine time-sharing leasing and other businesses ushered in a wave of development opportunities, and small and medium-sized investors have more choices. Chain news note: the summit jointly held by winkrypto, an industry integrated marketing service provider, bitland, f2pool, Shenma mining machinery and Shanghai Deyi, will deeply discuss with many senior mining, blockchain technology and finance practitioners to meet fengshui, imagine new infrastructure and new opportunities, and look forward to the trend of digital mining in the next decade. Live video can be viewed at.

According to blue whale finance and economics, Li Lihui, former president of the Bank of China and head of the blockchain research group of China Internet Finance Association, legal digital currency has four main advantages. Firstly, legal digital currency has the advantages of replacing cash and saving the cost of cash circulation. It can be the sixth version of RMB; secondly, it can strengthen the public attribute of the payment system and promote inclusive payment Financing can make more people use this payment system; third, it can ensure the reliability of financial transactions; fourth, it can accurately adjust the money supply and strengthen the supply of currency market circulation. At the same time, legal digital currency also has three potential risks: one is that it will weaken the initial credit ability and profitability of commercial banks; the second problem is that it is more likely to trigger systemic financial risks; and the third problem is that because of digital currency, there are three potential risks,

The Korean cryptocurrency exchange, coinbit, will be officially launched at 8:00 p.m. tonight. According to the data of block123.com, coinbit is the second larghow to short digital currency on an exchangeest trading exchange in South Korea, with a weekly turnover of about 1 billion US dollars. Currently, it provides Korean won trading pairs in more than 20 mainstream currencies.

According to Sichuan news network, Chengdu is expected to announce the central bank digital currency (DC / EP) pilot around May 1, and its internal test application scenario will focus on online and offline integrated consumption. According to the current information, the first batch of commercial tenants in Chengdu are mainly selected by the four major banks and the three major operators, and each bank selects 2-3 merchants. At present, the confirmed cooperative merchants include Jingdong, tmall and other traditional online channel giants, as well as practical application scenarios such as rookie post station, Tianhong Department store and Starbucks. In addition, taiguli business district is expected to be selected as the landing merchant cluster due to its advantageous geographical location and commercial conditions.

In its strategic plan for 2020-2024, the Central Bank of Spain has made digital currency research a priority. The report said thathow to short digital currency on an exchange in the past two years, the Spanish Central Bank will analyze the impact of adopting the central bank's digital currency on the financial system and the economy as a whole, and consider various design proposals, including factors related to digital identity. Spain's fiat currency is Euro, and biceta was used as legal tender before Euro circulation in 2002.

Collinstar capital announced its formal investment in US compliant equity crowdfunding platform republicnote. Founded in 2015, keyin capital is the only investment company in Australia with the license of blockchain digital currency venture capital. Republic.co The equity crowdfunding platform was established in the United States in 2016, in response to the Title II of the jobs Act issued by the securities and Exchange Commission, allowing most Americans to invest directly in start-ups. Republic hopes to enable investors to participate in the development of venture capital economy through the information transmission and financial right Confirmation Technology of the Internet and blockchain.