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Slow fog technology and digital asset exchange on trade have reached a security strategic cooperation. The two sides will fully link data monitoring, anomaly analysis and tracking, code loopholes, hacker attacks and other links in the digital currency industry, so as to further protect the security of Anyi platform and block chain ecology. From traditional and blockchain financial institutions such as Morgan, CICC, firecoin and Kraken, Anyi team is committed to bringing the technology and experience of traditional finaDigital currency papersncial derivatives into the blockchain industry and building a whole system digital asset exchange.

According to Yonhap news agency, South Korea's finance minister, Hong Nanji, said that if the transaction details of encrypted assets can be fully mastered and systematized, they can be taxed as financial assets. At present, the size of the cryptocurrency market is more than 500 trillion won, but so far, we have not been able to figure out the income and tax it, he said. Previously, the government has decided to include income from virtual assets such as virtual currency into other revenue. Lianwen previously reported that in July, in the proposed 2020 tax law amendment issued by South Korea, the South Korean government will include income from virtual assets such as virtual currency into other income, and will levy a capital gains tax of 20% on digital currency income of more than 2.5 million won each year from October next year. People who are subject to capital gains tax on virtual assets are required to report in May each year.

Bi Sheng capital announced that its investment in the open-ended financial platform, definer definer, is a completely decentralized platform for you to borrow and borrow digital assets. Find out more to help the project develop mining finance business. Definer is a fully decentralized platform for encrypted asset saving, financing and payment. Founded in the United States in 2018, the teamDigital currency papers won the U.S. fintech challenge in 2019, and was rated as the top 8 fintech startups in 2020 by fintech news. Definer has successively obtained famous tokenfund investments such as consensus lab and Lido capital. Bitrisecapital's main investment direction is in the field of digital currency mining, aiming to tap high-quality blockchain projects and connect resources and capital in the industry.

Coinbasecoinbase, founded in 2012, is the most visited mainstream digital currency trading and blockchain integrated service platform in the world, which can purchase, sell, transfer and store your digital currency online. At the same time,

The blockchain company creditcredit, formerly known as libracredit, aims to help borrowers achieve global encryption to encryption and encryption to legal loans, subject to regulatory approval. In order to improve acceptance and promote adoption, libracredit will initially act as a loan guarantor for banks, funds and other financial institutions and private investors such as high asset groups. Then, the lender will directly from our lender and stable currency partner network to the borroweDigital currency papersr. Libracredcredview (LBA) announced an exclusive partnership with Spencer Dinwiddie, the famous basketball star of the US NBA team Brooklyn, to provide digital currency financial services to the majority of NBA fans, help fans obtain stable financial income from encrypted assets, and also allow fans to obtain more liquidity and credit through mortgage of encrypted assets Service. NBA Brooklyn basketball and nets team in 2019, Alibaba co-founder and vice chairman of the board of directors of CAI Chongxin officially completed a wholly-owned acquisition of the team. Ding Weidi is very satisfied with the cooperation, he said: I think it is very important to bring valuable things for fans both inside and outside the stadium, and the blockchain can fundamentally reshape financial services, and the cred team is ready to achieve this goal. I very much agree with the cred team's mission, including the use of blockchain technology to provide people with more equitable and inclusive financial services. The cred team has unparalleled expertise and precipitation in capital market, blockchain and financial services. This cooperation is just in time to let NBA fans better understand the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain under the current global economic bear market, and help fans obtain stable income through digital assets.

According to Zawya, an authoritative media in the Middle East and Reuters, khurram shroff, chairman of IBC group, headquartered in UAE, announced that the company will provide decentralized virtual machines and handle point-to-point contracts through its dedicated cryptocurrency, ether ether, in the upcoming distributed blockchain application platform of Ethereum.