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According to Indian local media inc42, Bangalore based cryptocurrency aggregator coinswitch announced that it will launch a digital currency trading platform for Indian market on June 1, which will support more than 100 encrypted transaction pairs. The platform claims to ensure optimal interest rates bylitecoin the future of digital currency aggregating the liquidity of all Indian exchanges and will support Indian users with over 100 cryptocurrencies (which can be traded via INR). Cryptoswitch was founded in 2017,

Neoneo used to be called xiaoyigu, and now it is widely known as Neo, an intelligent economic distributed network developed in China. New digital asset standards, digital identity system on the chain and smart contract ecology. Neo, a non-profit community-based blockchain project, uses blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, and uses smart contracts to automatically manage digital assets,

The development of security technology in digital finance has nurtured the innovation and application of new infrastructure. Many technologies are used in this process, which are complementary and coincide. Di Gang thinks that we should do the following work well in the future: first, theoretical innovation. Because the digital financial economy is developing very fast, we still need to strengthen the development of basic theory. Second, if technology is to evolve dynamically, it must have dynamic and continuous iterative thinking. Third, more efforts should be made in the management system. Fourth, in-depth business, specific customization strategy for business. Fifth, the support of standards, forming a series of standards. Sixth, we should form a system in which government, industry, University, research and application work togetlitecoin the future of digital currencyher to tackle key problems, and jointly prevent and control risks. Seventh, policy to ensure that the relevant infrastructure to adapt to the development of joint prevention and control.

During the round table discussion at the opening of the Singapore blockchain weekly summit, sivio Micali, winner of the algorand Turing Award and MIT professor at MIT, raised funds to develop the algorand blockchain protocol. Algorand represents a direction of the development of the underlying technology of blockchain. Algorand is a variant of the POS mechanism of proof of rights. POS uses cryptography to randomly select participants who are responsible for adding the next block (or transaction) to the blockchain. The algorand team led by Professor Micali has gathered world-class cryptography experts, all of them are the leaders in the field of computer science at MIT, with strong professional theory and scientific research strength. In addition, algorand's consultants in strategic management, economics, computer science and cryptocurrency are industry influencers in their respective fields, including partners of renowned venture capital pillar and USV, economics professors from MIT and Harvard University, professors of electronic information engineering and computer science from top American universities, founder of coinlist and joint invention of zcash underlying protocol And so on. Chen Fangfang, COO of the algorand algoalgorand foundation, believes that there is great potential for difi and emphasizes that algorand focuses on a wider range of blockchain financial innovation. Based on the concept of "technology and security", the concept of "technology and security" is born. At present, algorand has launched in-depth cooperation with circle, the equity crowdfunding platform Republic, world chess worldchess, and the Marshall Islands in the aspects of stable currency, security token issuance and national digital currency issuance.