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The Brazilian government formulated its digital government strategy through Decree No. 10332 / 2020. Through the decree, the Brazilian government has formulated guidelines for the transformation of digital services, the unification of digital channels and the development of interoperability between systems. In addition, the document also states that by 2022, at least nine datasets will be provided in federal pubdigital currency revolutionlic administration through blockchain solutions, and resources will be used to create an interoperable federal government blockchain network by using accurate identification and secure algorithms.

Tetherusdt looks at more cryptocurrencies to boost demand for bitcoin, pushing prices up sharply. The report did not draw a clear conclusion on who the manipulator was, but strongly suggested that bitfinex executives either knew or assisted. Bitfinex denied the report's conclusions, and Stuart hoegner, the company's general counsel, said the report was not academically rigorous enough to support its view. Larry cermak, research director of the block, commented on twitter that there were many mistakes and misunderstandings about the access process of stable currency in the report, and there was still no evidence of market manipulation.

According to the oversdigital currency revolutioneas edition of people's daily, Yi Gang, President of the people's daily, said that the research and development and application of legal digital currency can effectively meet the public's demand for legal tender under the condition of digital economy, improve the convenience, security and anti-counterfeiting level of retail payment, and boost the development of China's digital economy.

In 2020, the scale of foreign investment will increase by 80 million tenge. At present, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan is demonstrating the feasibility of introducing digital tenge. Zarenov, adviser to the president of the Central Bank of Kazakhstan, believes that the main task of the central bank is to maintain inflation targets and financial market stability, and the digital currency solution is the second priority. The key is to ensure that the design of digital currency system is consistent with the objectives of monetary policy. Kariyev, development manager of Astana international financial center (AIFC), said AIFC is willing to provide test support and formulate legal basis for Kazakhstan to introduce digital currency. Prior to this, Kazakhstan has developed a scheme for the storage and circulation of cryptocurrency to standardize the storage and circulation process of virtual currency through a professional platform. AIFC protocol has included virtual currency and its classification, smart contract, digital wallet and other common terms in the cryptocurrency market.

According to sina finance and economics, Li Lihui, leader of the blockchain working group of China Internet Finance Association and former president of Bank of China, delivered a speech on the future development trend of blockchain at the China International Science and Technology Industry Expo. It points out that in digital technology, blockchain plays an irreplaceable role in the establishment of digital society, digdigital currency revolutionital economy and digital finance. However, China lacks independent property rights in the underlying technologies such as consensus mechanism and smart contract of blockchain. It is expected that the digital RMB in the pilot project will further expand the application scope and scenarios, and at the same time, we should pay close attention to the feasible path of China led global digital currency. In addition, we should speed up the construction of digital financial system,

They include Patrick collison, CEO of stripe, Greg Stein, director of Apache Software Foundation, Matt mullenwag, founder of WordPress, naval Ravikant, founder of angellist, and Sam Altman, President of Y combinator. Stellar check out more CEO denelle Dixon said that he hopes stellar will become a global payment standard in the next five years. Stellar has been studying how to realize CBDC. He thinks that CBDC is the type of digital currency designed by stellar, which connects the financial infrastructure of the real world with the digital blockchain world. On the issue of regulation, denelle Dixon explained that the network layer is very similar to the Internet and should not be regulated. Stellar itself is the layer that everyone can build on it, so he does not think that he will be under the same regulatory pressure as Libra in this respect. He also said that CBDC has been discussed with some governments around the world, but it is still too early, especially for government departments to release these contents on the public chain.