dear kind friday weekly lottery result

2021/5 07 34:21

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The win feels ever sweeter as Mrs Hee is one of the biggest winners of a Jersey 5 lottery prize this year. Only two others have hit the top prize. What’s more, Mrs Hee and one of the other players both bought their tickets at their place of work. The health benefit loss now feels particularly sublime in the wake of the recent win. Certainly, she will put the winnings towards an improved system of medical insurance. However, Mrs Hee has also said that some of the money will go towards an education fund for her two sons. This seems to be a common theme for winners, investing the money for the family’s future in uncertain times.

It’s natural to assume that once you’ve had a big win no other will be forthcoming. The lack of triple lottery jackpot winners can be due to that most players simply stop after a big win. As we have explained before, to assume it won’t happen again is The Gambler’s Fallacy. It can equally apply to assuming you won’t win again as it will to assuming you are due a big win (because you’ve lost so much, so often). There is no “memory” to who has and has not won. So if you have had a big or moderate win, there’s no reason to believe it won’t happen again.

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Firstly, don’t respond! The scammers are often sending out messages “cold”. If you respond, even to say “NO” or “STOP” (as they often request) they will know the phone number is active and either pass your number on to somebody else or continue harassing you.

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Missouri (1) and North Carolina (1) both matched all 5 white numbers and did not win PowerPlay and won two additional championships. Sothey also bought Playwise power and won a prize of $10,000