haryana lottery

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Other Indian winners on the DDF Finest Surprise raffle include Syed Shabber Hasan, who won a BMW 750Li xDrive M Sport on draw C1764. The 24-year-old Indian student studying in Dubai said, “I’m very excited to start my new year! After going through some difficult times hopefully, this win is the start of more good things to come.”

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A UK Lotto player has come up with all six main numbers on Saturday 12th May’s lottery draw. “After two £9 million Lotto jackpot winners in the last couple of months, we now have a single ticket-holder who has banked a massive £21 million. All players are urged to check their tickets to see if they are a Lotto jackpot winner and don't worry - we have enough champagne on ice ready to celebrate," said Andy Carter, National Lottery spokesperson. The lucky winner does need to claim their prize within 180 days though, otherwise, the prize money will go into the Lottery Good Causes Fund.