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The European Central Bank launched a public consultation on Monday and began experiments to determine whether to creawhich digital currency will be the next bitcoin?te a digital euro that would be used in 19 countries. This is due to the fact that the new outbreak has intensified the shift from cash to digital currency,

BTC close to the current high position of 11500, but there is no longer a large time of short trading. If there is no subsequent upward breakthrough, it can be basically confirmed that the current position will be the upper edge of the shock for a period of time in the future. In addition, although the concept of digital currency in the stock market is hot at present, it is difficult to bring substantial incremental funds to BTC in the short term due to the capital inflow channels and the restrictions of laws and regulations on funds, which is also confirmed by the continuous discount of usdt.

According to the report of Fujian TV Gang group, many people in Quanzhou disclosed to the column that they had been cheated by digital currency trading. The exchange involved was called mark exchange, with which digital currency will be the next bitcoin?a total amount of about 2.5 billion yuan, and about 100000 people were suspected of participating in position management. This exchange uses a form of Taobao to flush orders for the exchange. The specific process is to allow users to swipe orders and drain (or position management). The funds are converted into digital assets and then traded in mark exchange, and then the proceeds are obtained by trading digital currencies. Mark was closed in the middle of last month. The block chain address of 2 billion usdt transferred out by mark exchange and several senior core leaders involved in the case have been monitored by the police.

Lbcoin, a digital commemorative coin based on blockchain of the Central Bank of Lithuania, has entered the final test stage. After testing, it will be available before July. The Lithuanian central bank has completed the user acceptance test (UAT) of e-stores, and services provided by third parties (such as KYC and collection services) have also been tested. E-shops and private software based on NEM blockchain have also been approved. In addition, an assessment of the protection of personal data is under way. After that, the Bank of Lithuania will test the system security by performing the necessary penetration tests. As early as 2018, Lithuania launched the lbchain blockchain platform project, actively studying blockchain and CBDC. According to a press release issued on December 9 last year, the Lithuanian central bank has approved a physical sample of the digital currency lbcoin. The token is based on the blockchain and will be issued in the spring of 2020. According to Marius jurgilas, a board member of the bank, it is not a cryptocurrency, but a digital currency, a commemorative coin with a limited number of issues.

Uzbekistan, a land locked country in Central Asia, has issued a decree requiring miners in the country to pay three times the current electricity price. The regulation follows a decree on improving energy efficiency issued by the country's president, Shavkat mirziyoyev, in August this year to further encourage the rational use of electricity. According to previous rewhich digital currency will be the next bitcoin?ports, President Shavkat mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan approved in July last year a license for economic activities related to the circulation of cryptocurrency, calling for the regulation of cryptocurrency mining and the establishment of a national blockchain development fund called the digital money trust, which aims to integrate the blockchain into government projects including health care, education and culture.

Facebook Libra also plans to launch more stable currencies to anchor a basket of assets, but the projects have not yet been approved by regulators since they were announced.

At 8:00 on July 20, the chainext100 index, which reflects the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market, was at 962.23, down 0.32% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of US $41.368 billion, a decrease of 23.41% compared with the previous 24 hours. Among the index's components, 51 tokens were up and 49 were down; the chainext5 index, which reflects the performance of large blue chip cryptocurrencies, closed at 835.16 points, down 0.63% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of US $34.880 billion The transaction volume decreased by 23.44% compared with the previous 24 hours. The bitcoin bubble index (BBI index) reported 80.81 points, up 0.27% in the past 24 hours, and the USDT off the market dwhich digital currency will be the next bitcoin?iscount index (USDTOTCIndex) reported 100.84 points, down 0.30% in the past 24 hours. Digital currency maintained its high level after the pull-up yesterday, with slight fluctuation. At the same time, the trading volume was significantly reduced, and the energy of both sides was weakened.