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The people's Bank of China's digital currency is the electronic version of RMB, the Beijing News said on April 21. Different from these so-called digital currencies, the digital currencies to be launched by the Central Bank of China include national credit endorsement, which can be said to be the electronic version of RMB. Therefore, the digital currency of the central bank is legal compensation. More importantly, with state endorsement, the value of the central bank's didigital currency group icxgital currency will be more stable. But bitcoin and other so-called virtual currencies can not guarantee the stability of currency value, so it is common to be cut leeks. According to CCTV,

The Central Bank of the Bahamas plans to launch its digital currency sanddollar across the country in October, according to a report by Bloomberg. Lianwen previously reported that the Central Bank of the Bahamas began to pilot sanddollar, a digital currency project linked to the Bahamas dollar, on December 27, 2019 in the island of exsuma. Sanddollar is the legal tender of digital version, not the competitor of cryptocurrency, stable currency or legal currency. This pilot project will promote the development of new laws and regulations on digital currency, strengthen the protection of consumer data, reduce the printing cost and transaction cost of currency, and enhance financial inclusiveness. In July, the Central Bank of the Bahamas said,

Matrixport, a new cryptocurrency financial service company founded by Wu Jihan, founder of bit mainland, has been officially launched. Matrixport aims to challenge professional trading service companies such as bitgo and Genesis global trading. According to the company's website, it will provide safe custody, lending, financing and trading services for mining machines, mining pools, quantitative funds, currency lending platforms, currency funds, exchanges and OTC dealers. Currently, it has launched OTC trading, digital currency custody, pledge loans, etc Products. Lianwen learned that matrixport's trusteeship business brand is cactus custody, which is equipped witdigital currency group icxh HSM encryption machine,

Dododododododo, a decentralized trading platform, is a next-generation on chain liquidity solution based on active market maker algorithm,